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Bargeddie Congregation has been presented with the exciting prospect of employing a minister on a part time basis (0.5 fte).  This 0.5 post provides an ideal opportunity for a work life balance for the minister who is called by God to this congregation to explore other interests.

Bargeddie village is in North Lanarkshire situated to the east of Baillieston, West of Coatbridge, north of Uddingston and south of Gartcosh.  Members are drawn from all these communities as a result of family ties to Bargeddie or a commitment to the expository preaching that has been a hallmark of this congregation over the past 40 years.  It would be true to say that the bulk of the congregation could be referred to as a gathered congregation.  This presents its own peculiar opportunities.

The church and Manse are situated in a pleasant rural setting a mile or so distance from the communities it serves.  The large garden at the Manse is maintained by a Garden Party from the church who meet every Wednesday during the growing season.  During the warmer summer months one or two people do walk up to the church but most will travel by car.

The motorway network is close by to make easy access to Glasgow and all the amenities associated with a large city.  Glasgow city centre is only 10-15minutes from the Manse

Taking into our thinking about the church’s location, the Kirk Session agreed over 20 years ago to reach out into the Community by having a more tangible presence in the village.  This resulted in the Safety Zone (Community Centre) being built by a group drawn from the membership of church.  In order to provide a purpose built Community Centre over £100,000 was raised by this group in their appeal to Trust Funds, Charities and Church members. 

North Lanarkshire Council appreciates the work done by the staff of the Safety Zone and they contribute to the running of the centre, other funding comes from charities - such as Children in Need, and Trust Funds  The church uses the Safety Zone for worship on the first Sunday of the month, to make it easier for people to attend.  The church’s involvement and commitment to the work at the Safety Zone needs to be developed.

There are good relationships with the local primary school.  The pupils and staff visit the church at the times of Easter and Christmas when special services are held for the school.

The Parish covers a traditional housing scheme as well as a more recent housing development.  There is always talk of new housing being built in or close to the Parish boundaries.  Statistics show that there are about 29% (811people) who would identify as Church of Scotland - although very few of that 29% attend on a regular basis. 41% of the village are Roman Catholic, 2% are ‘other Christian’.  There is a similar sized Catholic Church and a small United Free Church who draw their members from the village of Bargeddie. We have held joint services at Pentecost Sunday and Christmas with these other churches in Bargeddie.  Sadly these joint services at the Safety Zone have not happened over the past few years.  The members of the Safety Zone also participated in these services.

We have a congregation of about 50-60 on a Sunday morning and the majority of these people live outside the parish but have links through family or history to Bargeddie. Children’s work happens because we have 2 families with young children and some grandparents bring their grandchildren.  We do have a very good Sunday School with dedicated and accomplished teachers.  It is also disappointing that more children don’t come as the teachers provide excellent resources and teaching for these children.  The whole church is involved in supporting the Sunday School with their very active and outstanding practical achievements in the filling of over 500 Christmas boxes which are distributed through Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child.

A small creche runs during the Sunday services in school term time and is staffed by church members

We face similar problems to many other churches in Scotland as the congregation is ageing with just a small number (less than 10 people) in employment.  This does cause some financial concerns but the congregational giving is exceptional for such a small congregation. Buildings are well maintained but more would be done if the finances were available.

We have held special services such as ‘Songs of Praise’ ‘ Carols by Candlelight’ which have been well advertised and well attended by members from other local churches.  We recently cancelled our evening services due to poor attendance when the numbers had dropped to below 10.  Christmas cards are distributed in early December to the whole community with an invitation to the special services at this time of year.

Bible Study Prayer meeting attended by 4-10 every Thursday with an interest in Local, National and International work.  We have received a significant number of missionaries at this meeting and there is regular prayer for missionaries, local and national ministries as well as more particular local congregational needs.

There are no other groups in the church but we would occasionally hold a social type of evening to bring the church together to enjoy a time of fun and fellowship.  We have also participated as a church in supporting various ventures in Glasgow such as Christmas and Easter Choral events, organised by Revival radio.

Our previous minister retired as a result of health issues and we have been effectively vacant since 2014.  We have been well served by Locums during these past years and the church members are on the whole in good heart.  We are due to link with Coatbridge Townhead but the present minister at Townhead did not feel it was the right thing for him to be the minister of both charges.  This has delayed permission for us to start searching for a new minister but now we are actively pursuing and continuing to pray that God will send the right person to lead us into the future.

If you would like to chat to the Interim Moderator, Rev Michael Lyall, call him on 01698 813113 or email on  Recommendations or applications (CV plus letter) to Tom Porteous


If BARGEDDIE were a village of 100 people...

    1. 10 would be in primary school

    2. 5 would be in high school

    3. 28 would be aged between 25 and 44

    4. 12 would be aged 65 or over

    5. 75 would be of working age (16-74), including

        1. 27 who have no qualifications

        2. 14 who have a University degree

        3. 30 who work full time

        4. 10 who are retired

    6. 93 would describe themselves as 'White - Scottish'

    7. 8 would describe their health as bad or very bad

    8. 10 would be providing unpaid care

    9. 29 would say they belonged to the Church of Scotland

If BARGEDDIE were a village of 100 households...

    1. 29 households would consist of one person - 11 of whom are aged 65 and over

    2. 35 would have have dependent children (aged under 16, or under 18 in full-time education)

    3. 33 would be in rented accommodation

    4. 69 would have access to at least one car or van

    5. 4 would speak a language other than English in the home

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